Women's Holistic Health Coach
Jennifer Rose Lazinsk, CHC, OTR/L

About Me

I have always had a tremendous passion for healthy living and for being of service to others. This passion has grown exponentially over these past 2 1/2 decades, and I have been known to never take my head out of the books or stop looking for ways to grow, expand, and deepen my understanding of illness and true wellness. I am determined to understand and implement ways to help myself, my loved ones, and all of my clients to be proactive participants in our quest for ultimate health, balance and vitality. In this extremely fast paced life, we all have to keep ourselves in check in order for our lives to not grow progressively more and more out of balance.....I know I do!

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Maryland, I worked as a fitness trainer throughout graduate school, where I received my Masters of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University.  I have been an Occupational Therapist for the past 22 years and I have incorporate both Western and complementary therapy to best help maximize the function of all of the clients that I have been fortunate to work with  While working with all ages of clients, I had felt increasingly frustrated with what I viewed to be massive limitations with the purely Western medical model of how clients were being treating. For many years I found myself running around like a headless chicken trying to put out health "fires"everywhere  And while I believe that there is a place for everything, I feel that viewing health from this perspective only is a huge mistake, is very superficial and doesn't create true wellness.  Long ago I realized  I no longer fit in the world of traditional western medicine with my way of viewing health.   Because of this, I have maintained a private practice in complementary medicine, utilizing multiple hands-on approaches to help balance my clients' bodies in order to best assist them in reaching their goals.  Releasing unwanted weight, dietary and lifestyle modifications, detoxification, and exercise program implementation have always been incorporated into my clients sessions.  As we all know, finding true life balance and health is always multifaceted.  I have felt each and every client that I have worked with has been a gift to me and has helped me continue to grow as a therapist.

As a Holistic Health Coach, I received my training from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition in NYC, a cutting edge nutritional education program, where I was trained in more than 100 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle and coaching methods.  Drawing on this knowledge, I help you create a completely personalized road map to health that suits your unique body, lifestyle, heritage, preferences, and goals. My clients get healthy, release extra weight, increase their life balance and greatly improve their vitality.  My clients feel good when they look in the mirror, no longer feel like they are clawing to stay at the surface of the water each day, and have an overall sense of getting through their days with more energy, vitality and joy.

On a personal note, five years ago I suffered from a traumatic brain injury that left me struggling to regain my senses, my vitality and my health once again. At that time, while working hard to regain my previous function and vitality, I drew upon my deeply ingrained focus on gaining strength and health through my moment-to-moment choices. I pulled from my many years of valuing and trusting in my body and it's innate desire to regain balance, and I started from this place to once again find, in my health, what I had lost.  This paid off for me, as it will for you in all of your health goals, when, with my help,  you find your way to what works for you.

In addition, there had been a long period of time that a number of my loved ones had been affected by multiple serious health challenges. These challenges had left them searching for answers and floundering, also desperate to find their way back to health again.  My love for them and my desire to truly understand the underlying causes of dis-ease states and dysfunction has brought me, hand in hand, with many people suffering.... these journeys often arduous.  Their progress toward  balance in their bodies and true health, inevitably has led each of them to far greater health then they would have ever achieved prior to their illnesses. All of these journeys have expanded my knowledge base in ways that would be hard to put into words here.  As we know, the knowledge and wisdom obtained through real life far exceeds what could ever be learned in a formal school setting.  It has catapulted me to yet another level in my desire to share information and to serve in all of the ways that I am blessed to serve myself, my family, my friends, and each of my clients.

Every one of us has at least one area of our health that needs to be addressed in order to have a more balanced, vital, energized and uplifted life.  We owe it to ourselves to strive for a life where we feel excellent in our bodies and joyful in our spirits until (and through) old age.

My Mission Statement:
Each day I work toward holding myself to the highest standards of integrity.
To this end I treat each of my clients with the highest respect and care.
I value, with my whole heart, that you have come to me for help and answers in order to reach your health goals.
 Because you trust me, I feel it is my responsibility to always work to educate myself to be cutting edge in my field in order to best help you achieve your goals. It is my priority to always listen to you intently and to have you know that I deeply care about, value, and appreciate you as a person and as my client. I have confidence that you will feel this each step of the way.

We all need a coach in some area at some point in our lives

Are you ready to start being accountable to yourself by living the life you fully deserve?

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