Women's Holistic Health Coach
Jennifer Rose Lazinsk, CHC, OTR/L

From the deluge of information out there, I have narrowed it down to give you a great place to start to purchase wonderful, healthful, clean super foods and products.


 I simply have to share!  On this page I am giving you some of my absolute favorite product information. These products are simple to incorporate, without extra time required, and are cost effective and really powerful. I am giving you this information only to make your life easier and to take the extra work out of finding the most nutritious, healthful, conscious and clean products available or excellent, life-changing books to read for you to be informed and to lead a healthy life! Stay tuned to this page, because it will change and grow. Just browse the information, continue your research and you decide what products you are most interested in and what works best for your lifestyle. Remember to speak to me about anything of interest to you.
Achieving good health really isn't as complicated as you think.........

Oral Hygiene: Excellent oral hygiene is imperative for overall health.

1)Oil pulling: Please look this up to understand this ancient Ayervedic practice to fully cleanse the teeth, gums and meridians underneath each tooth. This is a powerful detoxifier. Use only raw, organic, extra virgin and unrefined brands. I use coconut oil, but others use sesame oil. I love all of the benefits of coconut products, as they are antiviral, antibacterial and extremely healthful in every way (even boosts your metabolism)!

2) Waterpik Water Flosser: Using this transformed my gum health, it is simply amazing.

Skin Care Products: Your products should be so pure that you can eat them!

1) I love Weleda, this product line is biodynamic and pure and gorgeous on your skin.  Another brand is Haushka, it is also biodynamic and pure, but a bit more costly.

2) Raw Shea Butter, called 'Nourish", it's organic and amazingly healthy for your skin all over your body.  Nothing else in it! I also love to use pure coconut oil on my skin and for hot oil treatments on my hair, this is so nourishing!

3) Hauschka's makeup is also Biodynamic and extremely pure and beautiful, there are others as well, try different brands at Whole Foods, and remember to read the labels, there should be a short list and you should understand the ingredients. If you want to know more about an ingredient, ask an associate who works there. Remember, our skin is our largest organ, whatever we put on our skin get's absorbed into our system within minutes.

Some simple favorite foods and why:

1) Hilary's Eat Well is a product line that I admire and love and is at the very top of my list of favorites.  These frozen, GMO free, organic and awesomely nutritious burgers are vegan and delectable (which, of course is key), they are made consciously and with love and can be purchased at Whole Foods, Earthfare, coops. Check the freezer section at your favorite grocery store. If it isn't there, request the line, you will be thrilled that you did! It is such a relief to have an option, on those days that you can't cook a meal, to pop them in the toaster to enjoy. On their website are a bunch of easy recipes to use the burgers too. I am grateful for these delicious burgers, and I am pretty sure you will be too!

2) Even though I am an advocate of home cooked meals, live and whole food nutrition most all of the time, on occasion you just need to grab something quickly.  If you must use a canned product (fresh is best, then frozen, then canned) in regards to  health giving properties, (if glass isn't possible), then choose conscious companies like Eden Organic or Native Forest. They are organic, but more importantly, they don't use BP-A in their linings, which most companies do, this is a carcinogen. Also notice that there are organic boxed soups on the shelves.  Be aware of the super, duper high sodium content in most all canned and boxed soups.

3) The whole GO RAW line of snacks. These are 100% organic, gluten, wheat and nut free, GMO free and LIVE!! They are made from the most wonderful and delicious of ingredients and are dried at under 105 degrees (which means the nutrients are still live) and the seeds have been sprouted, releasing their enzymes and making them extremely dense foods. They are very satisfying and taste delicous, most importantly!! These can be purchased at Whole Foods, other health food stores or at www.vitacost.com

4) Braggs raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. This has been used for centuries. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used it for it's amazing natural cleansing, healing and energizing health qualities! It is also known to help you release weight gradually by putting 1-2 teaspoons in a glass of water and drinking it before each meal (adding a touch of raw honey makes it delicious!).
It is a fermented product and helps to balance the gut flora, which we want, as this is what helps to combat yeast problems, which are a source of more dis-ease in the body then you can imagine!  I use this in salad dressings and in almost every glass of water I drink. It is inexpensive and extremely healthful...you can even bathe in it!  Please look it up to learn even more about this inexpensive  product and its health benefits!. I love tried and true, simple, inexpensive home remedies! Other fabulous ones are Epsom Salts to bathe in to give your body much needed magnesium (this get's depleted from stress), it's relaxing and restorative to the body. Another is baking soda (make sure it's aluminum free, Bob's Redmill has an aluminum free one).  You can either drink a half a teaspoon in your water or bathe in a small box/half a bag and it is a powerful detoxifier and quickly reduces acid in the body, making it become more alkaline!  There are many others, but here are just a few!

5) Pacific Kombu by Emerald Cove.  I cook with this, make broth, and put it in the water that I make beans and rice with. I also have been known to bathe in it to more readily absorb the iodine, etc. through the largest organ, the skin!!! I adore this, it's chewy and delicious and satisfying (if you can say that about seaweed, and I can!) and simply packed to the brim with iodine (which we don't get nearlly enough of in our foods) to support our thyroids and about a million other nutrients. Read about it! Can be purchased at Whole Foods, most all health food stores, and www.vitacost.com

6) Raw Coconut Flour by Coconut Secret, it's gluten and GMO free, high in fiber and low in carbs. It makes delicious muffins, crepes, tortillas and all baked goods and it's very healthful. Buy at Green Life, Whole Foods, Earth Fare, most all health food stores and www.vitacost.com 

7) Dark Chocolate made from at least 70% cacao. The health benefits from eating cacao are really wonderful and it's steeped with antioxidants. There are good kinds at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, Earth Fare and are great to eat in small amounts to end dinner.

8) Bubbies Sauerkraut and Kombucha (try different brands). I have listed these here because they are powerful supporters of healthy gut function, and, hence, healthy immunity, and you can purchase them at Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and many other health food stores.  Try different kinds of Kombucha and see which you like the best!! My family and I make our own fermented veggies and kombucha and it is so easy and saves a lot of money. We eat and drink these each day, they detoxify your body and are so life and health giving that once you start taking these into your body you will start to notice wonderful changes in your overall health!

9) Himalayan Salt and Celtic Sea Salt. I have added this here because of the fact that salt is an extremely strong conductor of electricity through water. We are, as humans, made up of mostly water/fluid and brimming with electrical currents. Salt, as in Himalayan salt, is composed of 81 fully absorbable minerals and the salt is a substance that provides an environment that is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti all life that shouldn't be in our bodies!!! In our home we cook with it, drink it in water, bathe in it at the full moon...and can't get enough of it. If it's too much, your body, which recognizes this crystalline structure, will get rid of what it doesn't need. I have seen a sick person literally turn his health around by using it regularily. You can purchase this at any health food establishment and www.vitacost.com

10) Coconut Oil by Nutiva, organic, extra virgin, cold pressed and unrefined, there are other good brands, just make sure it is high quality (just like you want all of your food).  Use this for all of your medium-heat cooking needs and it will not only add amazing flavor, but it is simply packed with all of the benefits of coconuts. Also of note, coconut butters and creams and SO Delicous coconut milk (in cartons in the refrigerator section at Whole Foods) are equally fabulous in shakes and in baking and for drinking. You can get the oil and butters and creams on Vitacost.

11) Coconut Butter by Artisana. I love the health giving benefits of all coconut products, and I love to add this product to my power shakes for the taste, but also for the healthy fat, which is critical for healthy nervous and endocrine systems. I just learned how easy it is, if you don't feel like spending this much money on this wonderful product, to make it yourself.  It's as easy as this....add 8 ounces of shredded coconut to a food processor and process for upwards of 10 minutes. Then open and add a tad of maple syrup and process again for 5 minutes. It get's really creamy and spreadable. Enjoy on gluten free toast, in shakes, in gluten free muffins or right from the spoon!!

12)  Finding ultimate health and balance is a journey we are all on.  I had to make a simple mention here of the tried and true, easy, health and life-giving things you can make for yourself (and others) that adds to foundational health.  You can keep these in the back (or front) of your mind, and, maybe, someday, begin to incorporate them. Often times we are nervous to try these things because they seem so 'Out there' 'Too hard', or only ' Freaky health nuts' do them.. This is not the case at all, as Sprouting, fermenting, juicing and preparing bone broth are super easy, inexpensive and simply flood your body with easy to assimilate superfoods. For example, eating sprouted broccoli seeds increases the vitamin content that goes into your body by 300% over just eating broccoli, fermenting cabbage increases the vitamin c levels of the cabbage many fold over the cabbage itself and adds tons of beneficial bacteria to your gut, juicing (I have both the press and a quick/masticating juicer, both with their different benefits, but each glass of juice provides soooooo much more nutrition than you could ever consume in a day with cooked or raw food that you are consuming with the fiber (which, of course, is important in it's own right) it is super easy, super delicious and simply truly one of the most tremendous gifts you can give to yourself, bone broth is simply brimming with nutrients, warming, and healing to your gut. 

Some of the books that I cherish: Please read about them online, in reviews and amazon, etc., but each were picked for very specific reasons, so feel free to ask me about them. *****Of note here is that these books were not chosen by me because this is the way I expect all of you to eat, but, rather, as information that can be learned  and incorporated into an overall beautiful, healthful way of living over time.


1) Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, here you will learn how to make fermented veggies, extraordinarily easy and nutritive broths, etc. as well as learn tons of other interesting information and stories about food from around the world and how to eat like our ancestors.

2) Japanese Hot Pots, Comforting One-Pot Meals by Tadashi Ono and Harris Salat.  These hot pots are so simple, warming, easy to make at home and can be found in Macrobiotic restaurants and homes

3) The 3 Season Diet, Eat the Way Nature Intended by John Doullard. Based on thousands of years old Ayervedic principles that makes such sense and take into account eating with the seasons and your "doshas" (or body types and way of engaging in the world) in order to learn how to eat for your bioindividuality.

4) SuperFoods, the Food and Medicine of the Future by David Wolfe.  Fascinating book about raw superfoods, he picks ten top picks (and runner ups) from around the world, gives their history, their health giving benefits and amazing recipes (all in details that are fascinating). He is known to be "the nutritionists nutritionist".  These superfoods are incredible to make shakes with, and you feel like you are doing something really extraordinary for yourself and your family.

5) Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates, life changing information and simple and practical way of eating that tranforms your health and get's rid of candida related problems, as well as benefitting so many other health challenges.
6) Raw and Simple by Judita Wignall, simple and amazing live food recipes you will love!!

7) Clean Food by Terry Walters, a seasonal guide to eating close to the source.

8) Due to my love for Thai food, I had to add these two:  Real Vegetarian Thai by Nancie McDermott and Buddha's Table, by Chat Mingkwan

9) The Green Smoothie Bible by Kristine Miles and The Healthy Juicer's Bible, by Farnoosh Brock.  Must have's as you venture to true sublime health. If you get the green smoothie bible, be cognizant of the fact that she uses a good amount of fruit in her juices. I believe we all need to be very cognizant of the amount of fructose we take in in all forms, this includes sugar from fruit, which should be eaten sparingly. This is mind, there is also  lots of good information in this book that you would enjoy.

Non cookbook books

1) When Food is Love by Geneen Roth,
an exceptionally candid book about food addiction by a woman who struggled with this her whole life. She is funny and a brilliant and insighful writer.

2) Earthing by Clinton Ober about the amazingly powerful benefits of connecting to Mother Earth.

3) 52 Small Changes by Brett Blumenthal about what can be implemented each new week to make some simple changes for your health.

4) Grain Brain by David Perlmutter about what havoc a grain laden diet wreaks on the health of your entire body

5) Your Bodies Many Cries For Water by F. Batmanghelidj, MD. How dehydration is really the root cause of many of our ailments. A must read!

6) One Minute Mindfulness by Donald Altman. This book has changed my life. Small things to be cognizant of that are very simple but can really help you engage in a more conscious way each day.  I love this!!!

7) The Miracle of Water, by Masaro Emoto. This book is about the basic premise of how our thoughts and words completely change the structure of the water around us......this was easily seen under a microscope, we are made up of mainly fluids as well, as are the people around us...our words and thoughts directly effect our physiology and those around us!

8) I save the best of the best of this list for last.  The Slow Down Diet by Marc David. This book will change you. It has me. It isn't about a diet, it is about the havoc that our pace wreaks in our bodies, and it is a breakthrough program that will change the way you engage, both with food and in the world.


1) Vitacost is a wonderful, wonderful company from which to order supplements, snacks, herbs, natural cleaning supplies, natural beauty products and basically all else from. Shipments come in a few days, are free delivery over 49.00, and the products cost 30-50% less then in stores. The web address is www.vitacost.com

2) I have a lot, lot, lot of recommendations about supplements to help balance and feed the body.  One of the companies I respect the most is Gaia Herbs, located outside of Asheville, NC. Please read about them on line. They are worth mentioning here because of their tremendously high quality and pure products.  

3) Yin Yoga, by Paul Grilley (DVD).  This form of yoga, where postions are held on the floor for long periods of time literally saved my back and hips. I have done all sorts of yoga over these many years, but it wasn't until my connective tissue system was stretched in this prolonged way and my joints were healthily tractioned, was I able to change my pain pattern in my body after a bad accident.

4) Castor Oil.  Used for castor oil packs and is used for major detoxification and to reduce inflammation.  It was written about by Edgar Casey over 100 years ago for the endless therapeutic and health benefits. I adore castor oil!

5) One of the most amazing essential oils I have ever found in my life is called 'Thieves' by Young Living (an incredible and pure company). There is a story behind the name, but it's a conglomeration of many beautiful essential oils, and for the purpose of focus, I will tell  you that I use this oil for everything imaginable.  It disintegrates black mold with a couple of drops, I use it in my water pik system to kill all bacteria in my mouth, I take a couple of drops in water if I am getting a cold, on the skin for an infection and the list goes on. I have never, ever found a product that can still continue to amaze me like Thieves can, it's astounding, truly. There is no home on earth that should be without it, I mean it!

6) If you are on, or just beginning, a healthy journey, I highly recommend signing up for dr. Mercola's free newsletter. Just go to www.mercola.com and sign up. You will get daily information sent to you that will keep you up to date and he is very informative and eye opening. I trust him totally and completely. He is very well researched and quite brilliant.
7) The Tower Garden!  I am a big proponent of, whenever possible, growing some of your own veggies! It is so fun and satisfying, and, I will say, brings tears to my eyes each time I pick the home grown veggies to cook or juice!  I will admit, also, that in the North Carolina soil it has been tough for me to be very successful for the past couple of years!  Check out this really innovative year-round gardening method, it's awesome!  It takes up a tiny amount of space and science has proven that the produce from it is about 3 times more nutritious than conventional gardening.  Watch this clip: http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialTowerGarden and if you are intrigued and have questions,  give Sue Huber, a wonderful and super helpful woman in the Chapel Hill area,  a call at 919-619-2360.   Also,  check out her site at SueHuber.TowerGarden.com    Sue has been growing her family's food for 3 years now this way and she'd love to help you Talk about eating close to the source!! If you are limited on space, or just want an easy way to grow your own food, then this is worth checking out!!
8) I have saved a big ticket item for last.  My Clearlight Far Infrared  detoxifying sauna is truly beyond what I can write here. This medical sauna (not at all just for medical conditions) detoxifies your body on a cellular level. The far infrared penetrating heat leaves you feeling so clean and pure, as if you have just taken a long and satisfying run (without the effort!). It has chakra lights in it and this brand has virtually no EMF's (which are extremely harmful and most saunas are not guarded against them). It is amazing for removing heavy metals and all other toxins from your body, is awesome for your metabolism, fabulous for oxygenation to your cells,  unbelievable for your skin and many, many other health benefits.  It just makes you healthier, all around.  I put castor oil over my liver when I go in so that my body can utilize those health-filled benefits as well.  There is not a day that I use the sauna that I don't feel eternally grateful for it in our home. I suggest you read up on it.

*****So, for now I have completed my list, but I will keep adding as time goes by.  Everything related to health has been my passion for so very long, that it brings me great joy that I can give you back so much time by having done all of the research and trials over these decades. Please set up a free consultation to ask me about anything at all that you would like to know about, listed here or well beyond this information, and I will be thrilled to help in any and all ways!!

Many blessings!
To Your Sublime Health!

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