I began to embrace the baby steps…

“I have always been a healthy eater, thanks to my amazing mother and her commitment to good food for our family. After a divorce, twelve years of public school teaching and caring for my parents with health issues, I put on thirty pounds of extra weight. I tried many different avenues for a permanent change but could never really settle on which was best for me. After meeting a young woman who was transformed by working with Jennifer, I asked for her contact information and began my six month journey with this amazing health coach.

Because I was ready to be held accountable for my choices, the magic began. Slowly and steadily, I began to embrace the baby steps that Jennifer suggested. I slowed down my eating and was conscious of each bite. I tried to eat in a peaceful, quiet atmosphere….away from the news and worries of the world. I began to see food as my friend and my medicine. I had occasional treats and was taught the importance of pleasure when eating. Nothing was forbidden but all the good veggies and good fats were highly encouraged. I tried new recipes and began to adore the creamy taste of a good avocado.

With the addition of easily integrated and fun interval training session three times a week for twenty minutes, I began to feel better and better. Jen had me avoid the scale, but my clothes began to feel very loose. The weight was coming off so easily and without struggle.

Each and every step of the way I was completely supported by Jennifer. She lovingly emailed me in between sessions to check in with me and gave me so many reasons to smile and feel good about the new me. There are really no words to describe my enthusiasm about my work with her. She gives each client 110% and I am not sure how she does it. She is my cheerleader, my counselor, my friend and the most knowledgable person on the planet about the power of food to heal and nourish. If you are ready to make a change, it will happen with her help. Thank you Jennifer for this incredible journey. I am forever transformed and will never go back to my former confused self. Thanks to you, my feet are firmly on a path to sublime health!!”

Carole Shoaf, 66
Violin Teacher
Asheville, NC

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