I was intrigued as she indeed kept it simple…

“Several months ago I read an article in The Biltmore Beacon entitled “Reclaim Your Health by Keeping it Simple and Keeping it Real”.  The article spoke to me as I was struggling with years of unmanaged stress which resulted in extra weight, poor sleep and elevated cholesterol.   I had already been through a number of weight loss programs none of which ever stuck with me past the program.  Frozen boxed meals and appetite  supressants are hardly sustainable.

Finally, six months ago I met with Jen for the first time.  As I listened to her explain the “holistic” approach, I was intrigued as she indeed kept it simple.  And boy did it work!  Its not just about food, she coached me how to consciously approach eating, breathing to lower stress, understand the metabolic power of my body, and how important exercising is to my health.  I remember the time she took me food shopping at the beginning of our work together, and before we went I had this overwhelming feeling that it was going to be so hard for me to learn all that I needed to learn to make sustained changes………and I must be honest, there were times my inner child came out and I was rebellious to let go of old habits.  But Jen made it all feel easy and doable, and  she was always there to pull me back in by focusing on tomorrow as a new day and not the guilt I felt from making a bad choice.  In fact, guilt never had a place in our work together.  I discovered a love for cooking and exercising.

As a result of this experience, I’ve been able to easily release 30 pounds so far,  I have stopped taking medications all together, and I have gotten my cholesterol within normal range.  I couldn’t be more proud of my accomplishments and that doesn’t stop here.  I’m now equipped with the knowledge I need to stay healthly and if I ever hit a bump in the road, Jen is only a phone call away.  She is a life long friend who truly cares about my well being and happiness. I’m extremely grateful for this life changing experience”.

Kim Wallin, 46
Director of Reimbursement
Candler, NC

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